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A Very Christmas EP

by Dirt Vonnegut

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Charlie ain’t about it I don’t really blame him this whole game is lousy Making wish lists for a pagan holiday Tally up the gifts like they gonna save the economy Yeah, I want tens and twenties A brand new pony and some diamonds that’s bloody I don’t feel holy the whole scummy They all a bunch of phonies - home for holidays Is what they say important right. Got gorgeous lights Yeah the mortgage tight can’t afford the right Kinda gift man this Christmas shit kinda twisted. Damn Can't even see the doctor unless you got a nickel Gonna cost extra if you need a tissue Lucy gonna pull the football just to diss you Probably fall in love with a girl who’ll never kiss you Under mistletoe with gold tinsel Snow on the tip of the tongue wet the whistle Roll up the gifts in the rug like the Grinch do Or buy out the whole store like it ain’t an issue Good grief. We need a great big Christmas tree With strings of gold beads lights LED's So bright you could see for a mile for while It was all about the love now it’s all about the style We in denial if we think ain’t commercial I you ain’t grateful it’s probably gonna hurt you You can say thank you can find a good reason to sit there and smile this holiday season No complaining, it’s snowing not raining Decorate the tree and eat cookies till the day end Yeah, that’s what Christmas all about Don’t bring your boy down and be a Charlie Brown Yeah, that’s what Christmas all about Don’t bring your boy down and be a Charlie Brown
True Gifts 03:31
Put them cookies out on Christmas Eve I saw mommy kissing Santa, I seen some reindeer antlers Maybe Dasher maybe Prancer I wrote all those letters but never got no answers Thought the North Pole wasn’t listening Santa’s elves the mystery of how he gets those gifts to me Coming down that chimney - so quick Lickity split then he dips then off to give gifts to the next kid New Xbox and a sled kit man I hope I’m on that nice list I’ve been naughty but I’m priceless (This seasons bout the giving so our true gift is a given) Living like we wanna give it all away this holiday break the monotony Family playing games like monopoly candy canes and a gumdrop tree Tis’ the season to be the change that you want to see Hark the herald angels singing songs while wearing halos It feels wrong I don't feel grateful It feels wrong I don't feel grateful) This Christmas i got a wish to live this life like I got to live Like I won't live twice wanna make nice snowball fights What a great life sleigh bells ring while the sled takes flight Look out my window in the night man I hope that Santa get me right (This season bout the giving so our true gift is a given) See everything we give we won’t get in return it’s a hard lesson to learn Whether you a boy or a girl it’s joy to the world Blessings can be received but not reserved It’s not deserved but you know we should be hopeful Hanging stockings on the mantle hoping they’ll be full soon Yeah, from the egg nog to the fruitcake We had too much, stayed up too late This true love is too great this Yule lets celebrate a new day Like today is the best place we could ever be Let’s decorate the tree just you and me Loving you the greatest gift and it is free Cuz this season’s bout the giving so our true gift is a given It ain’t all bows and ribbons lights that glitter and they glisten Tradition or religion it don’t matter your positions This season’s bout the giving so our true gift is a given


released December 11, 2020

Raps by Dirt Vonnegut
Production by DokBrass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dirt Vonnegut

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Dirt Vonnegut Texas

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